You know that it’s important that your breastpump needs to be serviced regularly to ensure that it is in tip-top condition for many more years. Additionally, you would also know that there are lots of places for you to buy your breastpump.

So, why buy from Fabulous Mom?

Fabulous Mom, a pioneer in breastfeeding in Malaysia with over 13 years of experience is here to ensure you get the best when you purchase breastpumps from us. We are now offering Free Extended Service Warranty with all new breastpump purchases from Fabulous Mom.

The Extended Warranty adds protection to the life of your breastpump. Depending on the initial warranty period provided by the manufacturer, you will receive additional years of coverage to the standard manufacturer's warranty, provided exclusively by Fabulous Mom.

Upon the expiry of the standard manufacturer’s warranty period, Fabulous Mom will provide Free Service up to the 3rd year of your purchase. The extended warranty covers:

  1. Breastpump general cleaning
  2. Servicing breastpump suction
  3. Trouble shooting of your breastpump
  4. Free labour for breastpump repair

*This warranty assumes normal usage and does not include the cost of Replacement Parts. This warranty is conferred upon the original owner and is non-transferable.

Don’t miss out on this Extended Warranty which is available until 30 June 2018 only. Download Breastpump Service Form HERE