Breastpump is a lifesaver; it allows us to continue with breastfeeding when we return to work or when we are separated from our baby.  It gives mom a much needed break too that we can sometimes hand over the baby to other caregiver like dad.  It also helps with giving the extra stimulation we need to keep up breast milk production and meet baby’s demand.  

Therefore, at Fabulous Mom, we practice strict selection by choosing only products which proven reliable and approved by nursing moms.  We have the best after sale service, which is very important when we are referring to a lifesaver like a breastpump.  Our breastpumps come with 3 Years Extended Service Warranty and Free Redemption Of Spare Parts, such as valve and membrane.  Trade-In accepted too, do not throw away your faulty old pump!

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  1. Cimilre AC Adaptor
    MYR90.00   15% OFF
    Special Price MYR76.50
  2. Cimilre Backflow Protector
    MYR30.00   15% OFF
    Special Price MYR25.50
  3. Cimilre Backflow Protector Silicone Diaphragm
    MYR13.00   15% OFF
    Special Price MYR11.10
  4. Cimilre Breast Shield (Standard) 30mm
    MYR35.00   15% OFF
    Special Price MYR29.80
  5. Cimilre Milk Bottle Adaptor (Multicap)
    MYR14.00   15% OFF
    Special Price MYR11.90
  6. Cimilre Tubing
    MYR15.00   15% OFF
    Special Price MYR12.80
  7. Cimilre Valve
    MYR12.00   15% OFF
    Special Price MYR10.20
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