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Jingle Jungle

Jingle Jungle Air Dry Pouch

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  • Jingle Jungle air dry pouch is great for storing and air-drying your breastpump parts and bottles after washing.

    It is especially convenient for moms on the go, for example, when you are expressing milk at workplace or when travelling.

    Organised storage that you don't have to worry that you may loose any tiny parts.

    Tip: It's great to store bath time toys too. :)

    Size: 26.5cm x 31.5cm

    NOTE:The Air-dry pouch is an accessory included in the JJ Ardent Mom and Awesome Mom Breastfeeding Bag and Cooler Bag Set and also the Complete Set.

    Care instructions:

    We recommend the pouch to be washed before using to get rid of any manufacturing oils. To be washed as usual thereafter.

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