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Simple Dimple

Simple Dimple Foldable Milk Tray (Assorted)

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  • Taking care of your baby's milk bottles requires just as much attention as feeding him. The bottles need to be thoroughly cleaned, sterilized and free of germs. If you are looking for a safe and efficient way to dry and care for your baby's milk bottles, the Simple Dimple Foldable Milk Bottle Drying Rack Pink may be the answer.åÊ


    The Simple Dimple Foldable Milk Bottle Drying Rack Pink can hold up to 8 milk bottles and has a special hanger to hold teats and other bottle accessories. This foldable drying rack is also excellent for travelling. Available in a pretty shade of pink, the Simple Dimple Foldable Milk Bottle Drying Rack helps to keep baby bottles safe, hygienic and gives you added peace of mind.åÊ

    About the brand

    In Simple Dimple Land, learning and playing are made magical. This is a brand that is passionate about children; specializing in educational toys for babies as well as bags and backpacks for parents. All Simple Dimple products are manufactured using high quality materials and craftsmanship which meets all international safety requirements. Affordable, relevant and functional .


    1. Convenient for traveling
    2. BPA free
    3. Can fit 4 to 5 bottles and accessories such as teats, pacifier
    4. Tray size ( Open ) : 26cm x 22cm
    5. Tray size ( Closed ) : 13cm x 22cm


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