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Lacte Mobi Breast Pump Cooler Bag (Midnight Black)

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  • Introducing Lacte Mobi all -in-one bag, which suits your fun-filled lifestyle as a mom.??‰۪̩_

    • Designed by a group of young nursing moms
    • It has 2 compartments, the top compartment is for breastpump and its part, while the bottom compartment is insulated for storing expressed breastmilk.??‰۪̩_??‰۪̩_
    • It‰۪̩_‰۪̩_Ì_ÌÇÌ_̱_s generously sized to hold 8 to 12 bottles.??‰۪̩_ Able to keep milk chilled for more than 12 hours when used with Jingle Jungle icepacks or other icepacks of equivalent quality.
    • 3-way usage ‰۪̩_‰۪̩_‰۪̩Ì_å?Õå± shoulder sling, cross body or backpack to suit your different lifestyles and occasions.??‰۪̩_
    • Use only nylon materials (inner) which is safe and will not release any harmful toxic even when placed under hot sun.
    • Size: 16.5cmW x 17cmL x 17cmH (Front), 30cmH (Back)
    • Available color: Light Pink, Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Dark Grey & Auburn Red