[CIMILRE] Clearance Cimilre C1 Free-T Wireless Handsfree Breastpump+ FREE GIFTS

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  • Heavy Duty version among the wireless handsfree breast pump.   How?

    Higher specifications and better features.  Besides, it can be converted into a regular handheld breast pump, which is known to empty breasts more efficiently.  

    For mummies who can't decide between a regular breast pump or a wireless breast pump, this is the best choice. :) 

      • Massage Mode – stimulates letdown by mimicking baby’s natural suckling pattern
      • Expression Mode – expresses milk and empties breasts efficiently
      • Back Flow Prevention - keeps motor & tubing clean, closed system prevents contamination
      • Bluetooth linked mobile app controlled on pressure adjustment, notification setting and your own pumping diary.
      • Low Noise - quiet motor for discreet pumping
      • Auto Off – auto off after 30 minutes of pumping
      • Long battery lifetime - 7.4V 900mA battery
      • Rated Power - Internally powered equipment*
      • Funnel - 28 mm
      • Weight: main unit about 210g
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