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Cimilre S3 Electric Double Breast Pump with Handsfree Breastshield + FREE Gifts


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  • Comes with 1 pair of Cimilre Handsfree Breast Shield worth RM242

    You will receive :

    FREE 3 Years Extended Service Warranty. Click HERE


    *Fabulous Mom Breastmilk Storage Bottle currently out of stock, we will replace with 2 x Fabulous Mom Breastmilk Storage Bag (25pcs)(7oz)*

    • 1 x Cooler Bag (Assorted Design)
    • 3 x Fabulous Mom Breastmilk Storage Bag (7oz/25pcs)
    • 2 x Jingle Jungle Mom's Love Ice Package
    • 2 x Teabag of Joy Angel Nursing Tea, while stock last
    • 1 x Silicone Milk Collector, while stock last
    • 1 x FM Washable Bra Pads (2pcs) 

    Double Breastpump (can be used as single pump)

    • Hospital grade - that means it's heavy duty
    • Very quiet
    • 2 hours operation
    • 12 levels of pumping
    • 2 phase mode: Massage (1-5) & Expression Mode (1-10)
    • Circle pump control - can set 1 minute to pump how many times
    • Automatic shut down after 30 minutes
    • 3 level dim light - can use at night in the dark, and also can be a night lamp
    • Anti-backflow o milk won't spill back into tube
    • Handle for easy carrying