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Malish Smart Portable Milk Warmer FREE Adaptor

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  • Features :

    •Medical Grade Stainless Steel Plate

    •Keep Warm Function

    •4 Temperatures Settings

    •Water-proof Design

    Details :

    •Heat water, breast milk, powder milk and baby food

    •Portable, cordless and easy touch

    •Battery 4400 mAh

    •1 years warranty

    •After fully charge, can use until 15 - 20 times.

    •4 Temperatures settings - (37'C, 40'C, 45'C, 50'C)

    •Main product (without adapter) - Fit with Dr Brown's (Wide Neck)

    •FREE Adapter (AVENT Wide-neck) Fit with Avent, Autumnz, Malish, Simba, Anakku, Goodbaby, Bearo, BarryBear, Born Fair


    How to Use :

    •Long press 2 secs the power button to turn on

    •Press the power button again to adjust the temperature

    Tips :

    •Battery fully charging time is about 6 hrs

    •During working process, if the power lower than 20%, there will be ten sounds of "B-B-B..." for charging.

    •If it prompts "OL", it means that the power is used up, then the whole machine is turned off.

    Temperature Suggestions :

    •37'C - 40'C (Suitable for breast milk/probiotic milk)

    •40'C - 45'C (Suitable for milk powder/baby food)

    •50'C (For cleaning)

    Item Inside Box :

    •Milk Warmer

    •Silicone Dust Cover

    •USB Cable Type-C

    •Adapter Wide Neck 1pc

    •User Manual



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