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Shapee Seamless Sassy Nursing Bra [Assorted]

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    Shapee Sassy Nursing Bra - Made for active Mommies [360° Comfortable Support]

    Wearing regular bra during pregnancy/breastfeeding:

    ❌ Does not support the rapid growth stage as your body is preparing for baby/breastfeeding, causing discomfort while wearing for a longer period.

    ❌ Wired Bra increases the possibility of blocked milk duct, causing pain.

    ❌ Regular bra fabric and details are designed for less heavy & insensitive breasts.

    ❌ No extra hook & extension to support growth.

    Whether you're working, light exercising or juggling house chores, Sassy Nursing Bra is your best companion.

    🔔 【Features】

    ✅ 3D seamless weaving & wire-free design.

    Barely-there feeling with 3D Weaving from all sides to support & uplift the bust.

    ✅Non-wired design

    Distraction-free & does not block the milk duct.

    ✅ High-quality material

    Gentle on skin, breathable & wicking away moisture for maximum comforts all day long.

    ✅High elasticity

    Stretchable up to 3 sizes. Fit the changing shape without losing its elasticity easily.

    ✅ Wide coverage

    Wide side wing to cover all sides without digging into the skin, bulging or squishing

    ✅ Convertible & wide non-slip straps

    Flexible style & minimize pressure on the shoulder. Style it your way:

    • Normal

    • Criss-cross

    ✅ Innovation Clip Design

    Making the transition from exercising to breastfeeding easy, quick & discreet.

    ✅ Removable Bra Pad

    Soft padding. For easy replacement

    ✅ Full Cup Design

    Support up to 46F

    Material: Polyamide + Spandex


    • S – 32B/32C/32D/32E/34B/34C/34D/34E

    • M – 36B/36C/36D/36E/38B/38C/38D/38E

    • L – 40B/40C/40D/40E/42B/42C/42D/42E

    • XL –44B/44C/44D/44E/46B/46C/46D/46E/46F

    •  Available Size
      S 32B, 32C, 32D, 32E, 32F, 34B, 34C, 34D, 34E, 34F
      M 36B, 36C, 36D, 36E, 36F, 38B, 38C, 38D, 38E, 38F
      L 40B, 40C, 40D, 40E, 40F, 42B, 42C, 42D, 42E, 42F
      XL 44B, 44C, 44D, 44E, 44F, 46B, 46C, 46D, 46E, 46F