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[New!] Bubbles 4-In-1 UVC Steriliser & Dryer [1 Year Warranty]

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  • Features:

    ⚡10L Capacity, can keep up to 12 bottles
    ⚡ 4 Modes of Operations (AUTO, STERILIZE, DRYING and STORAGE)
    ⚡Dual Philips UVC Lamps more effectively kills more germs and bacterias
    ⚡Full LED Touch Screen Display and Operations for ease of use
    ⚡Dual High Speed Fans (separate inlets and outlets fans) improves the air circulation, making it cleaner and safer
    ⚡HEPA Filter fitted on inlets fans to ensure cleaner air throughout UV sterilizer
    ⚡Made from durable ABS material, creating a stronger product with luxury look
    ⚡UVC Lamp warning indicator if UVC lamp is not functioning properly
    ⚡Child Protection Button designs help prevents your child from opening the UV sterilizer, making it safer for you and your childrens.
    ⚡Night Light Function, to easily locate items during the night
    ⚡Temperature Sensor & Indicator to display device inside temperature
    ⚡Reflective stainless steel panels to distribute UVC lights effectively in sterilizer
    ⚡ Voltage 220-240V , Power 70W
    ⚡Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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