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Pigeon Moisturizing Cloth Baby Wipes Value Pack [70sx3]

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  • Added moisture and protection for newborns and babies up to 6months.

    Newborns and babies up to 6 months have frequent bowel movements and need special moisturizing care. PIGEON's Moisturizing Cloths have a unique formula with Lanolin for extra moisture. It helps to create a protective barrier to prevent dryness and irritation due to frequent changing.

    Made with unique Lattice weave fabric, the cloths catch baby's watery and sticky stools easily. It is soft and comfortable on baby's delicate skin.

    A single wipe pops up every time and there is no chained wipes. This provides convenience for mothers and prevents wastage of wipes.

    PIGEON's Baby Wipes and Wet Tissues are quality checked with Microbiological Test to ensure that they are FREE from harmful bacteria and fungi.

    Our wipes are 100% Alcohol-Free and can be used daily without drying up baby's tender skin.

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