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Lacte Storage Bags FREE BRA PAD 4PCS Lacte Thermal Sensor Breastmilk Storage Bag (6oz/180ml) (25pcs)

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    • This bag is BPA Free
    • Food grade material, perfect for breastmilk storage
    • Thermal Sensors to indicate the correct milk temperature
    • Can be warm directly in the electric bottle warmer
    • Double Zip Lock to prevent any leakage- Self-standing bottom
    • Professional designed look with designated area to mark Name, Date and Volume
    • Recommended for refrigerator or freezer storage
    • Marking in oz/ml for accurate measurement 
    • Pre-Sterilised


    1. Tear gently the seal on top and pull the zipper seal apart . Bags are pre-sterilised and do not need to be washed before use .

    2. Pour breastmilk into storage bag ensuring not to overfill .

    3. Seal the bag closed and mark the date and time ont he bag .

    4. To thaw breastmilk , place bag in refrigerator or run under cool tap water . To warm breastmilk , place sealed bag in warm water .

    5. Do not thaw breastmilk in microwave , in hot or boiling water .

    6. Once thawed , do not refreeze . Discard leftover milk .

    7. BPA Free .

    NOTE :

    *Please double check the temperature before feeding .

    *The Thermal Sensor serves as quidance only .

    *Lacte Breastmilk Storage Bag can be heated directly in food and bottle warmer at 40°C

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