Japlo Baby Nail Clipper & Scissors

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Hygiene is something every mother prioritizes when it comes to her little ones, and when you have a little baby in your arms, even the most mundane everyday activities can be challenging – clipping his delicate nails is one of them, as you often fear of his safety when clipping. Don’t worry, Japlo’s got the solution for you!

Safe & Efficient

These pair of safety scissors and nail clipper is designed for trimming your baby’s delicate fingers and toe nails. How so? The round point safety scissor and nail clipper will do the trick for you. Both these items are made of rust-free stainless steel material that can be used in the long run, and for a more optimum hygienic efficiency, use a dry cloth to wipe after using every time. In the end of the day, your little bloomer will have pretty baby nails in view!

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