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Ange Giraffe Teether

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  • Product Description

    Giraffe teether is a the teething toy which helps the teeth develop evenly allowing a baby to practice chewing when getting the teeth. The spots on the body help infant visual development and the bumps help not only infant teeth development but also touch development. Non-toxic TPR material is safe to use.


    • Measurement: 46 x 80 x 120mm
    • Suitable for baby 3+ Month and up.
    • Lightweight 40g
    • Cute and Unique design to attract baby attention
    • Made in Korea
    • Can be sterilised.???_Please wash Ange Giraffe Teether with baby bottle washing liquid before giving it to your baby.

    How to use

    • Clean with dishwashing soap for baby and dry thorughly before and after use.
    • Mother keeps watching baby while he playing with teether.
    • Be cautious not to poke in the eye or put deep inside the mouth and make any dangerous situation.
    • Be aware that kids with teeth can bite and swallow it.
    • Any use or revision for other purpose not allowed.
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