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Babylove Minimalist Baby Cot With Mattress

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  • Product Description:

    Babylove Minimalist Baby Cot is suitable for newborn to 4 years old baby and it can be assembly or install by only one person within 20 minutes! In addtion, Babylove Minimalist Baby Cot is made from solid Meranti Wood. Therefore, it could resist the humid weather such as the Malaysian weather and is ideal for long-term usage, because solid Meranti Wood is one of the most ideal and durable Tropical Hardwood for furniture.

    Besides, it is design to have 3 adjustable levels of base heights. Thus, it can be serve as a baby cot (Level 1) and playpen (Level 3) for baby aged between 0 - 36 months. Furthermore, by adjusting the base height to Level 2 (or any suitable heights), it could attach with the parents' bed and sleep beside parents safely and comfortably. Thus, it is extremely durable and ideal for long-term usage.

    Besides, the non-toxic paint and finishing can prevent baby from having skin sensitive. In addition, the two-handed drop side mechanism enable mommy or daddy to lower down the one sided bed rail easily.

    Meanwhile, the castor wheels do come with a stopper, thus the baby cot can be move and stop effortlessly.

    Lastly, the safety standard of this baby cot is complied with the UK and EU Safety Standard, for example its slats spacing is 5cm, thus it is extremely safe to use by baby and can prevent baby from spraining his/her ankle, wrist, or other joint.

    • Non-Toxic Paint

    • Solid Meranti Wood

    • 3 Adjustable Base Heights

    • Castor Wheels With Stopper

    • Two-Handed Drop Side Mechanism

    • Suitable For Newborn To 4 Years Old Baby ( 0- 25kg)

    • Can Be Transform Into Playpen, Sofa Bed & Join Bed With Parents

    • Comply With UK & EU Safety Standard

    • Made In Malaysia

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