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Bare Nuhcessities

Bare Nuhcessities Travel Pack [Lotion, Wash + Wipes]

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  • In this travel essential set, you’ll find 3 items made with mild, safe and natural ingredients, the perfect travel companion for jetsetting parents. These essentials work together to promote trouble free skin and a strong skin barrier with a focus on a balanced skin microbiome.

    Our formulations include natural active ingredients plus Chamomile, Frankincense and Bergamot essential oils for their healing properties and refreshing scent.

    In this set you will find:

    • Wash - Our foamy bubbles are sugar-derived and include shea butter and niacinamide to moisturise while promoting filaggrin growth
    • Lotion - Made with probiotics, botanicals and oats to help moisturise and reduce inflammation
    • Travel Wipes - Our eco friendly wipes are 100% plant fibre, biodegradable and certified free from harmful substances. Great for sensitive skin.
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