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Boboduck Allison Electric Double Rechargeable Breastpump with Handsfree Cup

šŸ’• š‡š¢š š”š„š¢š š”š­š¬ā€¢

- š‡šØš¬š©š¢š­ššš„ š†š«ššššž š„š„šžšœš­š«š¢šœ šƒšØš®š›š„šž šš®š¦š©

- Advanced motor generates vacuum with max flowĀ micro-vibrations for effective breast milk expression

ā€¢ š„šŸšŸš¢šœš¢šžš§š­ šš®š¦š©š¢š§š 

- Massage and stimulate breasts before pumping- Mimic a Baby's feeding patterns for optimized milk secretion

- Comes with Handsfree Cup

ā­ļø š…šžššš­š®š«šž

ā€¢ Health Index- Feel a better experiences on breast milk expression- Adjust suction according to the health index displayed in real time

ā€¢ š…šØšØš-š š«ššššž š¬š¢š„š¢šœšØš§šž š›š«šžššš¬š­ š¬š”š¢šžš„š

- Soft and comfortable to avoid rubbing mom's skin, perfectly fit the mom's breasts,Ā 

ā€¢ š“š²š©šž-š‚ š«šžšœš”ššš«š ššš›š„šž

- You can conveniently charge it with a powerbank just as you would your phone.

ā€¢ š€š§š­š¢-š›šššœš¤šŸš„šØš° ššžš¬š¢š š§Ā 

- Anti-Backflow design which separates the milk and air, ensures milk's hygiene.

ā€¢ šš®š¢š„š­-š¢š§ ššØš®š›š„šž š©šØš°šžš« š¦šØš­šØš«

- Strong and stable suction, express more breastmilk.

ā€¢ š”š©š š«ššššž š›ššš­š­šžš«š²

- šŸšŸ“šŸŽšŸŽš¦ššš”Ā Ā 

- Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, stand by all day on a full charge.

ā€¢ š’š¢š„šžš§š­ ššžš¬š¢š š§Ā 

- Low noise to prevent from disturbing your baby's good sleepĀ - Allow you to discreetly pump wherever you are.

ā˜€ š’š©šžšœš¢šŸš¢šœššš­š¢šØš§

Materialļ¼šSilicone, ABS, PPSU

Bottle capacityļ¼š160 mlĀ 

Nipple hole sizeļ¼š24 mm / 27mm

Charging Method: Type - c

Charging time: 3 hours to fully charged

Battery capacity: 2500 mA

Support for charging while using- USB Cable Is Included, please connect to charger output: 5V/2A for better use

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