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Bremed Baby Flexible Tip Digital Thermometer

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  • Bremed : Digital Thermometer BD1130OB

    A child loud wailing and fussy tantrum is always an alarm bell for any concern parents to spring into action. Super Mom and Super Dad, shoo away the your kids sad blues with Bremed BD1130 Baby Digital Thermometer. This lovable cute thermometer comes with an easy to read digital display screen. So come rain or shine, Bremed Digital Thermometer will always monitor to keep your young ones healthy aplenty!

    Cute Baby Friendly Design

    This modern Bremed BD1130 Baby Digital Thermometer is a smart health monitor to keep your kids in the pink of health. The cute lovable animal characters will cheerfully keep your toddler in a good mood while you are getting their temperature reading. You know your child best, so choose from any of the 4 fun characters to keep them smiling.

    Accurate 60 Seconds Digital Reading

    The Bremed BD1130 only requires a standard 60 seconds to accurately read your kids body temperature. This smart digital thermometer can even save the memory of previous reading for easy reference. Plus, the Bremed BD1130 even has a smart beeper and fever alarm feature for your health concern.

    Smartly Build for Multiple Reading Function

    This mini health monitor can easily fit into the palm of your hand. The easily grip Bremed BD1130 has a flexible tip that will be gentle on your kids tiny tongue, mouth or under arm. This digital thermometer will watch over your happy child health like a guarding angel.

    Bremed – Breaming with Hygienic Health Care

    Proper health care is incomplete without proper hygiene in mind. The Bremed BD1130 cool waterproof body will not let any wet splashes to dampen this mini care taker down. So, you can easily clean this thermometer after use to ensure good hygiene practice. So, get this smart thermometer to watch over your beloved family today!

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