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Bremed Digital Thermometer

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  • Bremed : Digital Thermometer BD1250

    • Memory Recall
    • Measurement Range up to 109.0 DegF
    • 60 sec Response Time
    • Fever Alarm
    • LCD Display
    • Water Resistant

    The accurate and quick measurement readings provided by Bremed BD 1250 Digital Thermometer could help you control your fever in the confines of your home. This Bremed BD 1250 thermometer is a probe-type thermometer with a rigid tip and can be utilized for oral, rectal or axillary temperature measurements.

    With the capability of delivering reading in 60 seconds, this digital thermometer is fast and reliable. This BD 1250 Bremed probe-type thermometer incorporates a fever alarm, which beeps to warn you if your body temperature exceeds 100 degree Fahrenheit, indicating that you have fever.


    Crafted to provide a comfortable measurement reading, this BD 1250 digital thermometer is simple and intuitive. The main unit comprises of an easy to read LCD display and a control button. The LCD display shows your readings in 3 digits, you can read your body temperature in Fahrenheit units.


    The BD 1250 digital thermometer by Bremed is vested with a memory feature enabling the device to save the temperature reading of your last measurement. This digital thermometer is water resistant allowing you to clean the device after use, thus preventing cross infection. The Bremed digital thermometer can display measurement readings ranging from 89.6 to 109.0 degree Fahrenheit. This thermometer operates on batteries.