Bubbles Compact Cooler Bag With Handle

  • Travelling with your new born baby will never be complete without the Bubbles Compact Cooler Bag. With the cooler bag, travelling with your little sweet pea has never been easier. The large capacity of the bag allows more bottles and other baby peripherals to be kept and carried with you at all times, with the greatest convenience and ease.

    Ample Space

    Featuring ample of space for mothers to keep standard feeding bottles as well as breast milk bags, mothers will have one less thing to worry about for their young ones. The cooler is able to carry 4-6 bottles at one go which is more than enough to last a long journey. The bag also features a durable and sturdy zip to keep the bottles safe.???_

    Efficient Cooling Capability

    The Bubbles Cooler Bag has been tested and proven to keep your baby?_?_Ì_åÀ_s feeding bottles and breast milk cool up to 8 hours. Just place a standard ice pack and you?_?_Ì_åÀ_re all set for the long or short journey ahead!

    Carry Options

    To ensure maximum comfort for mothers as well, the Bubbles Cooler Bag features a sturdy carry handle. The handle is padded and allows mothers to easily carry the bag around effortlessly and comfortably.