Bubbles Steam Steriliser

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  • Bubbles Steam Sterilizer had been designed for ease of use and can fit all bottle types including wide neck and narrow neck bottles. It is adjustable in 3 heights and space savings. It comes complete with plastic tong and measurement cup.



    - Large capacity for 6 bottles and accessories including breast pump parts

    - Fast sterilization in 6 minutes (use 90ml of water)

    - Made of safe and high quality materials such as Die Casting Heater to ensure fast heating and longer life span of the product

    - Adjustable into 3 sizes to meet different needs and yet able to save space. Suitable for travelling.

    - Made from BPA free materials

    - Natural steam sterilization kills 99.9% of harmful germs

    - Your contents will remain sterile inside the sterilizer for up to 8 hours if the lid is kept shut.

    - Multipurpose functions able to meet different needs such as sterilizng bottles, warming milk and heating baby food.