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Cimilre C1 Free-T Wearable Wireless Handsfree Breast Pump (Promo 1 Pair for RM299) + FREE CASH VOUCHER RM30

    * Note that the RM30 voucher may be used to purchase other items and cannot be deducted directly from the cost of the breastpump. The voucher must be used within one month of purchase, or it may be applied to the purchase of other items with a resulting deduction of RM30 from your total. *
    1 Year Warranty

    Heavy Duty version among the wireless handsfree breast pump.   How?

    Higher specifications and better features.  Besides, it can be converted into a regular handheld breast pump, which is known to empty breasts more efficiently.  

    For mummies who can't decide between a regular breast pump or a wireless breast pump, this is the best choice. :) 

      • Massage Mode – stimulates letdown by mimicking baby’s natural suckling pattern
      • Expression Mode – expresses milk and empties breasts efficiently
      • Back Flow Prevention - keeps motor & tubing clean, closed system prevents contamination
      • Bluetooth linked mobile app controlled on pressure adjustment, notification setting and your own pumping diary.
      • Low Noise - quiet motor for discreet pumping
      • Auto Off – auto off after 30 minutes of pumping
      • Long battery lifetime - 7.4V 900mA battery
      • Rated Power - Internally powered equipment*
      • Funnel - 28 mm
      • Weight: main unit about 210g
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