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Cimilre CU-T300 UV Steriliser

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  • Wider window type

    Faster and Thorough Sterilization

    -Kills 99.9% of harmful germs, viruses, bacteria and pathogens (test completed)
    -2 UV lamps on the ceiling and the bottom to sterilize thorough
    -Stainless steel inside reflects UV light to various angles

    Easy and Convenient
    -Easy operation onnly with 3 buttons
    -Indicator for an operation time remained
    -Possible to use in a moving car with a connection to a cigarette hack (DC 12V only)
    -Memory function to continue the course after opening and closing the door

    Small but Spacious
    -Dries adn sterilizes from plenty of toys, tableware to breast pumps

    Safe and Reliable
    -Conforms to KC standards
    -Dries safely with warm air adopring PTC heater
    -Energy saving device (17W at most)
    -Comfortable use