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Cook Book "Mummy, It's Yummy"

Raising healthy children is arguably the number one goal among parents. However this arduous task is easier said than done. As a new parent, there are a million issues to stress over and one of the biggest parenting woe is what to feed your baby. How do I prepare baby food? What kinds of food are recommended at each stage of the baby’s development? What do I do when my baby refuses to eat? These are just some examples of the numerous questions new parents have to ponder over. Even with the help of the internet, it doesn’t help that the information is strewn all over the place and can be contradictory at times.

Mummy, it's yummy!

New parents would be glad to know that their lives just got easier with the arrival of a new cook book, namely ‘Mummy, its yummy’ by Lena Tan and Cindy Liu. The 2 authors are both sisters with 2 daughters each and they have decided to share their wealth of experience with the world in their cookbook. Their cookbook was written with the intention to help partially relieve parents of their heavy burden by providing valuable information regarding the stressful task of preparing delicious meals for babies and toddlers. Lena and Cindy very kindly sent me a copy of their cookbook and here are my thoughts about it.

Catered to different stages of your babies' growth

This 66-page long book is split into 5 main sections, namely ‘food preparation’, as well as the recipe section for recommended food for babies aged ‘4 and 5 months old’, ‘6 to 8 months’ and ‘9 to 12 months old’ and the ‘FAQ’ section. The different sections are also colour coded providing easy navigation for the user. Well organised and easy to use, this cookbook is simple and also follows a logical sequence. The book starts off with general information regarding preparation of food. Once the reader is clear on how to prepare baby food, it progresses to provide an array of recipes for babies at each stage of their development. The book ends off with a ‘FAQ’ section to answer any lingering questions the reader may still have.  Parents will also love the colour coded themes of each section which allows the reader to find information quickly.

Over 30 recipes for your little one

While the authors deserve to be applauded for their well thought out layout of the cook book, the most important thing for a cookbook to provide is valuable information and ‘Mummy, it’s yummy’ certainly delivers useful information in spades. Containing 31 recipes for kids featuring delicious looking baby food ideas suitable for babies aged 4 to 12 months old, the steps in the recipe are all well explained and parents should have no trouble following the simple but detailed instructions. There is also a lot of useful information regarding basic food preparation ranging from what food you should not give your babies to how to prepare stock and basic methods of cooking. Parents will also likely find the ‘FAQ’ section particularly useful as the authors answer common queries and dispel doubts which new parents are often afflicted with.

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