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Lacte Handsfree Silicone Collection Cup (27mm Funnel with 24mm Insert) + Free Gift

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  • Free x 2pcs Lacte Thermal Sensor Storage Breastmilk bag 6oz

    NEW Lacte HandsFree Silicone Collection Cup [27mm Funnel with 24mm Insert] compatible with any electric breast pump - Lacte, Spectra, Cimilre, Medela, Haenim, Youha, Treenie, Malish, Philips Avent, Autumz and more

    Feature & Information

    1. Wash and dry hands before assemble parts for hygiene purpose .

    2. Recommended to wash by using baby bottle cleansing detergent and steriliser .

    3. Position handsfree where your nipple is placed right i the centre of the breast shield .

    4. Upon completion of pumping , place the milk collection cup flat on table , remove tubing and pour the breastmilk into milk storage bottle / milk storage bag .

    5. Wash and steriliser , ensure the parts are completely dry and store in a container / clean space .

    This product has 8 parts : 3 PP parts , 4 silicone parts , 1 silicone tubing .

    All made with food grade materials .

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