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Fabulous Mom

Fabulous Mom Tummy Binder (Black)


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  • New & Improved Design & Material

    Our post partum tummy binder (Modern Benhgkung) is an abdominal compression wrap designed to assist you in bringing your body back to its former beauty and proportion after child birth.


    * It helps with minimizing swelling and adds abdominal support and comfort after C-Section or even normal birth.

    * It can help a woman return to her normal activities and wardrobe sooner.

    * It helps with minimizing stretch marks.

    * It's light, cool and gentle on skin and not visible under clothing

    * You can put it on by yourself - it has extra hook and eye strap to let the binder stay in place around your body, that you can buckle up the rest of the hook and eye conveniently.

    * Extender is available to prolong its usage lifetime.

    * Hand wash recommended

    SIZE CHART(Size is determined by waist size)

    *S = 24" - 28"
    *M = 28" - 32"
    *L= 32" - 36"
    *XL = 36" - 40"