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Freemie Closed System Collection Cups (25mm & 28mm)

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  • Suitable for:

    1) Working moms that can't be away from her working desk
    2) Working moms that always on the move (travel/running sales)
    3) Moms that prefer to pump free hands. Free hands enable her to hold other reading material, knitting, fold clothes etc.
    4) Moms that often drive in heavy jam traffic.

    How to use Freemie

    Freemie is a breast milk collection system which is fully concealable and allows mothers to pump while multitasking without being noticed! The differences between Freemie and other hands-free bras are shown in the video here:


    1) Freemie Collection Cups

    Cup dimensions: 4.4 inches in diameter; 2.75 inches deep

    Cup weight (empty): 2.5 ounces each; 5 ounces total

    Cup capacity: 8 ounces each; 16 ounces total

    2) 25 mm Freemie Breast Funnels (1 set of 2)

    3) 28 mm Freemie Breast Funnels (1 set of 2)

    4) Valve bases (2)

    5) Valves (2)

    6) Spare valve (1)

    7)Freemie Connection Kit (1)

    Barrier x 2pcs

    Tubing x 2pcs

    Compatible with most of electric breast pumps.

    • Spectra : M1, S1, S2, S3, Dew 300, Dew 350, S9Plus.
    • Unimom : Forte, Allegro.
    • Medela : Freestyle, PISA, Swing, Swing Maxi
    • Autumnz : Passion, Bliss.
    • Lacte : Duet, Solo
    • Cimilre : F1, S3
    • Malish : Mango, Ilaria
    • Snow Bear : Single advanced, Micro computer.
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