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Haenim NexusFit 7A Lite Double Breast Pump [1 Year Warranty]

Add-On Warranty
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  • 1 Year Warranty


    • 1 x Fabulous Mom Premium Cooler Bag (Assorted)
    • 1 x Fabulous Mom Lite Ice Pack
    • 1 x  Fabulous Mom Silicone Collector 
    • 1 x Fabulous Mom Milk Bag Storage Bag 25pcs / 7oz

      Features :

      • Closed System, Hygienic & Safe!
      • Easy to use
      • Good battery life of 2 hours (That's 4 pump sessions!)
      • Able to use power bank to charge, compatible with wireless charger
      • 3 funnel sizes given for better fit
      • Silicon massage pad can be used for all 3 funnel sizes
      • Gentle yet stimulating massage mode
      •  Efficient expression mode

        (a) Save your five controls and it will run automatically!
        (b) Records pump session details like date/time, duration.
        (c) You can input the volume expressed at each session!
        (d) Graph to help you monitor your expression volume.
        (e) Set reminders/alarms for your next pump session!

      • Warranty 1 Year online Registration (Please register within 30days from date of purchase) :  Click Here to Register for Warranty 

        Whats in the box?

        1) 1pair x NexusFit Cap
        2) 1pair x NexusFit Valve
        3) 1pcs x Dual Connector
        4) 1pair x NexusFit Breast Shield Universal fit 21mm - 30mm
        5) 1pair x NexusFit Breast Shield Pump Body
        6) 1pair x NexusFit Diaphragm
        7) 1pair x NexusFit Bottle Pair
        8) 1pair x Tubing
        9) 1pair x Bottle Stand
        10) 1 Pair x Bottle with Cap 7oz/200ml
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