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Handy Insulated Cooler Tote Bag (Assorted)

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  • We are pleased to bring you the new handy insulated cooler tote bag, which as its name suggests, very handy, and it's at a super bargain price, only at Fabulous Mom! 

    • Insulation: The cooler bag can keep the meals, beverages, fruits, snacks or other articles cool or hot for up to 4 hours. It can keep our precious BREASTMILK cool up to 12 hours or more when used with Jingle Jungle ice packs (or other ice packs with equivalent quality). 
    • Holds up to 8 baby feeding bottles.
    • Size: Width: bottom 18cm, top 32cm, side 14cm; height: 20cm 
    • Easy to carry with comfortable webbing handle designed for bearing weights and long term usages. 
    • Easy to clean. Peculiar smell, food residues and naughty stains will be easily removed by a damp cloth and dried quickly.

    Not included Bottle and Ice packs (Just for display)

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