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K-Mom -Natural Pureness Baby Wet Wipes 30's

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      -99.8% purified water & all natural plant extracts! K-Mom's Naturefree Premium Wet Wipes contains 4 natural ingredients & FREE from 12 harmful chemicals! Uses superior material, EMBO, for baby's delicate skin, so wipes are specially made by Lenzing, a leading fibre innovation company in Austria! Each & every piece of wipe goes through 6 layers of filtration so it is ultra purified!

      -60g thick & made with superior EMBO material for extra softness & non-slip effect* Organic peppermint extract has anti-bacterial effect & keeps delicate skin of baby supple

      -Organic peppermint extract is suitable for babies with sensitive skin

      -Eco-Cert by EU certifies organic peppermint ingredient safe for use

      -FREE of 9 harmful chemicals possibly used in other wipes (fluorescent brightener, coloring, formaldehyde, IPBC, PHMG, paraben, MIT&CMI, benzalkonium chloride, surfactant)

      -4 natural ingredients used (organic peppermint, chamomile, calendula, aloe vera)

      -Use of ingredients in manufacturing certified by KTR Korea as safe & contains no harmful chemicals that may aggravate skin. KTR, is a testing & certification institute in South Korea. International recognized testing body (ISO/IEC 17025)

      -Safe & hygienic manufacturing process as certified by ISC (International Standards Certification Pty, Ltd) ISC, full scope JAS-ANZ independant 3rd party accredited certification body in recognition of compliance to various national & international standards.

      -HACCP, ISO, CLEAN certified (Korea)

      -6 levels of water purification process to ensure safety of product (Auto A/C filter system, auto water softner, micro filter system, reverse osmosis system, ultraviolet sterilizer, final micro filter system)

      • 0~3 EWG Safety Grade
      • Contain thoroughly selected ingredients that are good for skin
      • Containing Ingredients from Nature
      • Registered by the U.S. FDA
      • 99.7% Ultra-Purified Water
      • Awarded Grand Winner in Baby Items Category
      • Safe for baby and food​
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