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Kiwy Hospital Grade Rechargeable Double Breast Pump [24mm] [1 Year Warranty]

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    Introducing our NEW Kiwy Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump with PPSU Bottles.

    Unique Selling Points:

    • Hospital grade for heavy usage and gentle on even the most sensitive skin.
    • Dual motor for stable and efficient performance – increase yield by 43%
    • 5 levels stimulation mode to massage breasts and stimulate letdown
    • 15 levels expression mode, which suit all needs for fast collection of breast milk or go gentler for moms with sensitive nipples (10mmHg strength in between levels, which is the closest to our baby’s suckling strength).
    • Switch to “suckling” mode of “3 suckles 2 seconds pause” to mimic baby’s natural suckling pattern after 2 minutes on expression mode.
    • Long-lasting 5000mAh battery that runs up to 8 full cycles.
    • Built-in rechargeable battery that you may use without power socket.
    • Come with PPSU bottles imported from Germany
    • Wide angle silicone rim breast shield for best comfort and prevent blocked ducts
    • Ultra silent 0-30db
    • 1 year warranty

    Note: Please leave us a remark "27mm" in the comment upon checkout, if you prefer 27mm breast shields. :) 

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