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Pre-Order Lacte Premium Steam & Dry Steriliser + Lacte Duet Omnia Rechargeable Breast pump

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  • We offer to you super crazy combo Lacte Premium Steam & Dry Steriliser  with 1 year warranty and Lacte Omnia Rechargeable Breast pump with 3 years Services warranty .


    • 1 x  Cooler Bag (Ocean Blue)
    • 1 x Fabulous Mom Lite Ice Pack
    • 1 x Silicone Milk Collector (Assorted Color)
    • 3 x Fabulous Mom Storage Bottle 5oz/150ml

    Features of Lacte Duet Omnia Rechargeable Breast Pump:

    Lact̩e Duet Omnia Rechargeable Electric Breastpump - Unrivaled features at its price point

    • Built-in with High Capacity Rechargeable Battery, up to 8 cycles at single full charge.
    • 2nd Gen Soft Breast Shield with only 4-piece assembly.
    • Soft Breast Shield moves along to the pumping rhythm which mimics baby's natural suckling stimulation, for maximum efficiency and comfort.
    • 2 phase Expression - Stimulation Phase & Expression Phase.
    • 9 Steps Suction Control
    • Compact and light weight for maximum portability.
    • Silent operation.
    • Touch Control.
    • Silent operation
    • Machine weight: 350g

      Features of Lacte Premium Steam & Dry Steriliser :

      Large capacity for 6 bottles and accessories including breast pump parts
      Digital LCD display with different working modes and time to meet different needs
      Made of safe and high quality materials such as Die Casting Heater to ensure fast heating and longer life span of the product
      Adjustable into 3 sizes to meet different needs and yet able to save space. Suitable for travelling.
      Made from BPA free materials

      • Large capacity can fit large bottle or more
      • Multi-tier flexi configuration
      • Warmer function with flexible setting
      • Touch Control
      • Sterilize 10 minute
      • Dry 50 minute
      • 1 Year Warranty 
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