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Malish Baby's Piano Gym Mat (0+Months)

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  • * A small playground for kids and toddler to, lay, sit, stand and play.

    * High-quality cotton material, smooth hand feeling, gentle to baby's tender skin.

    * With colorful animal patterns, appealing to your baby.

    * Very soft mat for your young baby to play games.

    * Comfortable and fun for a baby to relax and discover play.

    * Soft fabric, quilted mat for tummy time play on the floor.

    * Soft and supportive prop to help your baby sit safely.

    *  Soft filling protects your baby from hard floor.

    * High quality, eco-friendly material, odorless.

    * The mat can be soaked and washed.

    * Can be folded when unused to save storage space.

    * Comes in a box with a handle to make it easy to carry.

    * Several colorful rattles attached.

    * Allow gym play as baby reaches out for the rattles.

    * Enhance baby brain development through fun and play.

    * Hanging toys encourage baby to reach and grab.

    * Comes with 2 frames to hang the rattles.

    * Discover fun noises which stimulate hearing and promotes cause and effect learning.

    * Easy to assemble and dismantle.

    * Vibrant colors good for brain development.

    * A soft, supporting multi-sensory environment for your baby.

    * Developmental toy that grows with your child from infancy to toddler.

    * Exercise sensory development, imagination, grip, movement accuracy and exploration skills.

    * Exercise baby's legs ability to cultivate baby's curiosity, self-confidence.

    * Develops skills and eye-hand coordination with toys to bat, grasp and kick.

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