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Malish Luna Single Wearable Rechargeable Breast Pump + FREE Gifts [1 Year Warranty]

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  • Pump Included 

    • 1 x Mobi Cooler Bag (Assorted)
    • 1 x Fabulous Mom Lite Ice Pack
    • 1 x FM Breast Milk Storage Bags 7oz 25pcs
    • 3 x Fabulous Mom Storage Bottle 5oz/150ml


    Malish Silent Wearable Electric Breast Pump Malish Silent Wearable electric breast pump is an noiseless, small and light weight, wireless breast pump that can be fitted into any nursing bra. Completely redesigned for modern lives so you can pump in peace. Malish silent wearable breast pump fits in your bra and your life, making it possible to pump on your own terms while you go about your daily routine

    Wearable - Small, light, and worn inside your bra. Hands-free with nothing to slow you down. Silent - Nobody will hear a thing. Pump in peace anytime. Anywhere. Hands-free - Quick to assemble, easy to clean. No cords, no wardrobe change. No fuss.


    • 5 Level Stimulation
    • 5 Level Expression
    • Memory Function
    • Clinically Proven Effective
    • Silicone Cup 
    • 27mm shield size with 24mm funnel insert 


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