MilkyBites Lactation Cookies Oatmeal ginger (400g)

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  • Ingredients: rolled oats, oat flour, ginger, orange zest, honey, eggs, coconut oil, flax seed.

    Ginger has been one of the most valuable lactogenic foods for centuries. It increases production of breast milk, boosts the immune system and reduces conditions of inflammation. Oatmeal is among the richest sources of iron which is essential for breastfeeding period. It also helps to lower cholesterol. Other than that thinking about warm oatmeal cookie calms your mild and thus stimulates milk production. And then, of course, flax seed ‰۪åÇ_‰۪åÇ_?å± great source of Omega-3 fatty acid which is great for your and your baby‰۪åÇ_‰۪åÇ_Ì_ÌÇÌ_è _s bone structure, skin, hair and metabolism.