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Mom More Milk

Mom More Milk Premium Lactation Hot Chocolate

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  • Mom More Milk Premium Lactation Hot Chocolate, packed with healthy lactogenic ingredient extracts such as alfalfa, fenugreek and dates which helps in the production of breast milk. Alfalfa is highly nutritious and regarded as one of the green superfoods. One of the most credible medicinal qualities of alfalfa powder is that it is a good galactagogue (promotes lactation) because alfalfa contains alkaloids (stachydrine and i-homo-stachydrine) which are hormone like compounds that may promote production of breast milk. Fenugreek appears to be the herb that is most often used to increase milk supply. It has been reported to be excellent galactagogue for some mothers, and has been used for centuries. Dates being a nutrition powerhouse, latest study has shown that dates can help the body to naturally produce the hormone oxytocin, hormone that is produced in 3 occasions: love making, childbirth and breastfeeding.

    Preparation Guidelines :

    Empty a sachet (30g) into a mug or cup. Add 180ml of hot water and stir until fully dissolved.

    Recommended Intake :

    Consume 1 mug daily. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and exercise demand and supply concept to boost and maintain breast milk supply.


    I box contains of 8 sachets 

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