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Momma Pregolact

Momma Pregolact Chocolate (21 Sachets) [New Packaging] + FREE Fabulous Mom Breastmilk Bag

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  • Free Fabulous Mom Breast Milk Bag 7oz/25pcs 

    MOMMA® Pregolact® is a milk based product that acts as milk booster formulated for pregnant and lactating mother. It provides complete nutrition for both mothers and their babies. MOMMA® Pregolact® with Activ-4 Plus™ contains essential natural nutrients such as DHA, Calcium, Folic Acid, Vitamins and Minerals with no creamer, no sugar added and low fat making Pregolact® the best choice for pregnant and lactating mothers.

    • Act as a milk booster to increase the breast milk
    • Increase the breast milk consistency and make it thicker
    • Good for baby’s brain development
    • Increase the baby immune system
    • Reduce the risk of jaundice for baby
    • Give extra energy for mother
    • Smoother skin for mother and baby
    • Help to reduce the mother’s stress


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