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Natural Organic

Natural Organic Premium Soothing Baby Wipes (70s)

  • Natural Organic is a safe baby wipe that has passed rigorous testing by authorized agencies in Korea and around the world for usage on sensitive baby skin.

    •  Reasons why you should buy Natural Organic baby Premium Wipes
    •  The highest rating in dermatological testing - Attained Dermatest's non-irritant certified mark.
    •  Free of toxic material for your skin cells - Attained cell toxicity test authorized by the US FDA.
    •  Infant friendly product    - Certified by the Japanese MHLW for baby wipes suitable for infant.
    •  Anti-bacterial S mark packaging    - First antibacterial S mark baby wipe packaging in Korea.
    •  One hand system for convenience    - Inter-folding tissues arrangement allowing the usage until very last sheet.
    •  Free of harmful materials for inhaling    - Verified by Korea Testing & Research Institute for the absence of harmful materials such as humidifier disinfectants.
    •  Made from premium organic materials    - Used organic materials certified by ECOCERT (France) and ACO (Australia).
    •  Made with pure water    - Uses 6-steps water treatment process, even cleaner than drinking water.
    •  Allergy friendly product    - Attained Allergy Friendly Product Certificate by UK
    •  Made-to-order product      - Products are marked with manufactured & expired dates.
    •  Multi-purpose cleaning wipe      - Made from ultra-pure water and can be used for facial cleaning.
    •  Premium quality at value price      - Last but not least, our objective is to constantly exceed our customers' expectations by providing a premium quality products with excellent service at value price.Your little ones' safety is our first priority.
    • Fragrance FREE 
    • 99.9% Natural 
    • Ultra-Pure Water
    • Soothing Premium Embossing , Sheet Size : 180 x 200 mm
    • 70 pcs per pack with Antibacterial CAP
    • Antibacterial packing
    • Made from natural plant extracts