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boboduck 5 In 1 Baby Milk Bottle Warmer & Steriliser (Green) + Free 2 Cimilre Feeding Bottle & Free Shipping

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  • Free Shipping + Free 2 Cimilre Anti-Colic Feeding Bottles worth RM59.80

    Register your boboduck warmer  at http://gmta.asia/warranty.php?brand_id=79

    1 Year Warranty Malaysian warranty with GMTA Asia Sdn. Bhd.


    ⭐️ Features :

    🔸 Multi-functional 5 in 1 milk warmer:◾ Keep warm, Sterilizer, Boil egg, Heating, Thawing.
    🔸 Double bottle design Compatible with 95% of the milk bottles.
    🔸 Evenly heat milk bottle, avoid local overheating or overcooling.
    🔸 Feeding baby at any time, 24-hour constant temperature.
    🔸 100 ℃ high temperature steam cycle disinfection.
    🔸 Noiseless while working and soft night light design (40 DB ).
    🔸 When you need to steam or heat food, turn the basket upside down.
    🔸 Not only can warm milk bottle, but you can also warm milk storage bags.
    🔸 Power is automatically cut off when the water in the bottle warmer is dry.
    🔸 Suitable for all brands milk bottle

    ✨ Specification :
    Product:Milk Bottles Warmer & Sterilizer ( Kills 99.9% Of Harmful Germs )
    Material:PP, PTE, ABS
    Rated power:220w
    Rated voltage:220v
    Dimensions:205 x 134 x 246 mm / 8 x 5.2 x 9.6 inch

    😘 Buyer's question :
    👉🏻 Pre - set temperature :
    ◾ 35°C Food thawing
    ◾ 37°C Keep Warm - The optimum temperature for baby milk
    ◾ 70°C Heating - Warm up baby food
    ◾ 100°C Sterilizer and boil egg

    👉🏻 Is this milk bottles heating sterilizer easy to operate?.

    ◾ Yes, only one button, rotate the button to adjust the temperature.

    ❓ How to use it ?
    ◾ Fill the bottle warmer with water below the maximum mark
    ◾ Put the bottle into the bottle warmer after putting it in the basket, and close the lid
    ◾ After turning on the power, press the key and adjust the temperature by rotating the button
    ◾ Take out the bottle to feed the baby or make milk at any time

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