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Fabulous Mom

Fabulous Mom Beauty Maternity Nursing Bra With Panty

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    Whether your have a C-section or a vaginal birth, recovering from birth can be a long and hard process. We are here to help you feel more comfortable with our well designed nursing bras. This new Beauty Nursing Bra perfect for pregnancy + breastfeeding + post birth plus so easy to breastfeed in

    Cross wrap design for easy breastfeeding, use only soft breathable and stretchable Lycra, which is delicate to both mom and baby

    Unique features of this new nursing beauty :
    1) Non wire, soft Lycra, zero burden to mom's changing body
    2) Make breastfeeding more comfortable
    3) Golden triangle innovative design [360° Flawless Design which limit skin exposure]
    4) 3D Cutting: naturally lift the busts, prevent sagging, smart cup design
    5) great natural shape & support
    6) FREE Bra Extender

    Sizing Guide :

    Sizing Guide :

    M : 34B/75B, 34C/75C, 36B/80B, 36C/80C
    L : 36B/80B, 36C/80C, 38B/85B, 38C/85C
    XL : 38B/85B, 38C/85C, , 40B/90B, 40C/90C
    XXL : 40B/90B, 40C/90C, 42B/95B, 42C/95C



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