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Removable Sticker Labels For Storage Bags & Bottle Name and Date Label for Daycare

Perfect for adding the finishing touch to your milk bottles, these self-adhesive bottle labels are easy to write on and look good on any color of bottle. For smaller bottles, you can cut these in half and different shapes, it must make them look cute in your opinion

DAYCARE BOTTLE LABLELS: These labels feature with kid-friendly bird, dog, penguin, monkey and dinosaur animal patterns and bright colors. Both functional and fun for daycare or kitchen bottles, perfect for identification and organization

WATERPROOF & NO RESIDUAL: The quality paper finish means handwriting won't fade easily and waterproof, helping you keep your bottles organized and clearly labeled for safety. Durable labels stay in place over time without peeling and are removable without leaving a sticky residue behind

WIDELY USED: Use for labeling a wide variety of jars and bottles, including aromatherapy oil bottles, homemade preserve jars. They're also perfect for labeling diy skin care, essential oil and more bathroom and kitchen products. They also can be used to label food containers in your fridge so you know the date you put them in there! The letters won't disappear

HIGH QUALITY: these paper stickers for bottles are high quality and easy to peel when you want to swap or replace them. Just write on the label, let it dry, peel and stick. Work best with permanent markers
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