Shapee Posture Braiseree Nude


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  • Japan 3D Micro Massage Technology
    It is??̍_designed to constantly micro-massage your targeted zone and generate heat to increase your blood circulation and metabolism for at burning on every body movement

    High Quality Material
    It is made by high quality nylon & spandex which are able to expand up to 600% and spring back without losing its integrity. In addition, this breathable material allows for long hours wearing (recommended 5 - 8 hours daily).

    Seamless Design
    Thanks to the cutting edge seamless technology from Italy. It offers total comfort while wearing at all times. It's like your second skin.??̍_

    Size Guide :-
    M : ??̍_Underburst ??̍_- 27inch - 31inch
    L :??̍_Underburst ??̍_- 31inch - 35inch
    XL :??̍_Underburst ??̍_- 35inch - 39inch

    Perfect for:??̍_??̍_Yoga / Exercise / Housework / Shopping / Working