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Treenie Konvito Rechargable Double Breast Pump + Treenie Kontro Manual Breast Pump

1 x Treenie Konvito Double Electric Breast Pump

1 x Treenie Kontro Manual Breast Pump


Treenie Konvito Double Electric Breastpump (Rechargeable)

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It's the SMALLEST & LIGHTEST Double Breastpump we have , which is suitable for travelling or pumping at work , and it is USB Charging too . Don't be fooled by its size as it is as POWERFUL as any Double Breastpump in the market. It's a great buy for new moms or even as a gift!

Key Features:

  • Rechargeable
  • Compact & Convenient
  • 2 phase modes
  • 9 stimulation suction levels
  • 9 expression suction levels
  • USB Charging - charge it with a power bank , in-car USB charger or even your laptop.

*Suitable for travelling or pumping at work .


Treenie Kontro Manual Breast Pump

The 3 adjustable suction is an added feature compared to other manual pumps, where moms can control the suction to stimulate and express breastmilk efficiently. Minimal parts for easy cleaning. A great companion for breastfeeding moms. Suitable as a gift too!

3 Adjustable Suction Level _ Stimulate and 2 levels of Expressions

Comes with Bottle Teat & Cover

Made of BPA free material

Portable, Convenient & hygienic

Non-slip handle, with grid that ensures efficient breastmilk pumping

Hygienic Breastmilk Pumping : Breastmilk flows into the bottle without coming into contact with diaphragm

Easy-to-Grip Handle : Ergonomically designed for comfortable pumping

Breast shield size that fits all


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