Summertz Lace Underwire Nursing Bra (Lavender)


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  • Designed with the transitions of motherhood in mind to ensure full support and comfort.

    - Beautiful mesh lace and frame

    - Quick one-handed clasp for easy nursing

    - Inner sling for support

    - Underwire for added support

    Sizing Guide:


    * Measure around your ribcage, directly under the bust

    For an even number, add 4 to gain your band size. (e.g. measurement = 32 + 4 = band size 36)
    For an odd number, add 5 to find your band size. (e.g. measurement of 33 + 5 = band size 38)


    * Measure completely around the bust at the fullest point

    * Each inch of difference between this measurement and your BAND size = cup size.(i.e.: If your band size is 34" and your bust measurement is 36", you wear a "B" cup.)

    Please refer to below:

    Up to 1" larger: A
    Up to 2" larger: B
    Up to 3" larger: C
    Up to 4" larger: D
    Up to 5" larger: DD