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Sunmum Premium Breastmilk Storage Bags (3oz) (30 Pieces)

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  • Breast milk storage bag made from 100% new plastic granules safe from phenol Comes with new innovation, 3 layers zipper, new design mouth For easy and convenient to pour milk Gamma-ray sterilizationis carried out using the same system as medical devices. Confidence in cleanliness and safety for the baby.

    • Newest breast milk storage bag from SUNMUM, size 3oz
    • Suitable for new mothers who start breast pumping.
    • Suitable for mothers who are breastfed with large amounts of milk.
    • Suitable for mothers, travelers Or use at home or at work
    • 3 layers of zip lock to prevent leakage.
    • The mouth of the bag has been resized to suit the flow of milk.
    • BPA Free
    • The bag texture is thicker. Supports the amount of milk that is packed
    • With a thick and strong side seal that does not leak
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