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Sweet Cherry

Sweet Cherry Bath Tub Support

Age Range: Suitable from birth to 8 months

• Supporting unit for product SC8801 Ibex Bathtub
• Large tub area for baby washing, practical, convenience & comfortable
• Non-slip edge and grinded body surface providing maximum comfort and pleasure
• Bottom anti-skid pad, sucker fixed
• Matches with most Sweet Cherry bath tub product

Product Features

Tender and soft as newborn babies seem, new parents may have trouble in helping babies bathing. Ibex bath support, a creative slippery-resistant design for those newborn from 0 to 8 months, allows babies to comfortably lying. Its practical shape features 3 supporting point which hold baby securely. Secured by suction pads, Babyhood bath chair can be used in most of Sweet Cherry baby bathtub.

Uterine Bionic Design

Follow bionic design to give the baby a more comfortable shower experience

  • The scientific design of 30˚ that imitates the uterine environment is a more suitable reclining angle for newborn babies. The arc is smooth and round, and the baby is more comfortable lying down, effectively reducing crying.

3-point Anti-skid Design

Three smooth support points, hold the baby’s body firmly, anti-skid prevent drowning

  • The three-point vertical support effectively restrains the baby’s injury caused by sliding when taking a bath!

Matte Bezel To Prevent Slipping

The image of a cartoon bear on the board is a detailed matte process, which doesn’t slip or stick

Thickening Independent TPR Material Sucker

There are three TPR suckers on the bottom, which have strong adsorption force, and the bath rack is stable without shaking

Flexible, Convenient & Practical

Can be used alone or in a bathtub

  • Use Along – Strong suction cup, tightly fits the bathroom floor, does not slip in water.

  • Use in the baby tub – Suitable for a variety of bathtubs, to solve the problem of  newborn bathing, let the baby fall in love with bathing.

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