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The Tropical Co.

The Tropical Co. Vanilla Lactation Smoothie (Sachet)

  • 1 x Sachet of Vanilla Lactation Smoothie

    Tasty vanilla goodness that can be used as part of endless recipes. Eat it, drink it, enjoy it!

    Our vanilla smoothies are a lighter version of our Lactation Soups
    In that they have less fenugreek and alfalfa. Should be consumed alongside our Mushroom Lactation Soups. We developed these smoothies as a “top up” for our soups and for those who have a sweet tooth.

    How it works

    We think the simplest way to enjoy our smoothies is to add each sachet to a glass of milk, however the recipe possibilities are endless! Turn it from a snack into a meal by blending it with your favourite fruits, juices, and even coffee!

    On the go? Grab a spoon and simply eat the powder straight from the sachet. Snack anywhere, anytime.
    Our smoothies are enriched with fenugreek and alfalfa - traditionally used to help increase
    milk supply in a natural and wholesome way. For mommies, we highly recommend you drink our smoothies alongside our mushroom soups. For our mushroom soups, simply add hot water to a mug and stir in a sachet of goodness! We recommend having two soups per day.

    A little side note, we would like to assure you that if your non-lactating family members
    drink our soups and smoothies, they will not start to lactate! In fact, we think they would
    enjoy our snacks too, so keep calm and snack on.

    Vanilla powder, fenugreek, alfalfa, non-dairy creamer, fructose

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