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Youha Baby Milk Warmer

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  • Breast milk is body temperature when baby directly breastfeeding to you. So when you offer expressed breast milk (EBM), babies often prefer bottles of warm milk over cold . But don’t EVER heat or thaw your EBM with microwave!
    Using it to heat breast milk  is a BIG NO as this can destroy some of the nutrients in breastmilk

     When your hungry baby is wailing for a bottle, every second counts ⏰ . This YOUHA Baby Milk Warmer circulates warm water around bottles or baby food placed inside 🍼🥣Other than that, it can warm up 2 milk bottles at the same time‼️perfect for those who has twins baby

    • 1 year Warranty 
    • Size : 22.5cm x 17.5cm x 25.5cm
    • Good quality Polypropylene material
    •  BPA Free
    • Warm milk, Heating, pasteurized milk, sterilize function
    • Multi-functional: Warmer, re-heater, sterilizer, Boil Egg
    • Large space capactity, suitable to warm different type of milk bottle
    • Can warm up 2 milk bottles at the same time
    • Suitable temperature for different purposes:
    • 40°C Keep Warm - This is the optimum temperature for baby milk
    • 70°C Heating - Warm up baby food
    • 100°C Sterilize
    • Not include the bottles 
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