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How Much Breast Milk Does Baby Drink?

February 11, 2020 1 min read

How Much Breast Milk Does Baby Drink?

You can't really know how much milk a breastfeeding baby is getting when she's drinking right from the tap.  But for the curious or concern (or for pumping moms), this chart will help give you some idea of how much breast milk, on average, and how many approximate feeding sessions, a breastfeeding baby is getting each day.  Remember: every baby is different and so if yours doesn't follow these averages but is still gaining weight and thriving, no need to worry! :) 


Age  Feeds/day (avg) Total (avg) oz/day
0-2 months 8-12 feeds 12-32 ounces 
2-3 months
8-10 feeds
15-32 ounces 
3-4 months
6-8 feeds
24-36 ounces 
4-6 months
5-6 feeds
24-36 ounces 
6-8 months
4-6 feeds
24-30 ounces 
8-9 months
4-5 feeds
24-30 ounces 
9-10 months
4 feeds
24-30 ounces 
10-11 months
3-4 feeds
24 ounces 
11-12 months
2-3 feeds
16-24 ounces 
12-36 months
As desired
14-16 ounces 


Happy breastfeeding, fabulous moms! 

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