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How To Clear A Plugged Milk Duct With A Haakaa

March 04, 2020 2 min read

How To Clear A Plugged Milk Duct With A Haakaa

Thank you Mama Puteri Aliya for sharing this great tip with us - how to clear a plugged / clogged milk duct with a Haakaa silicone breast milk.  Below is her sharing, hope it will be of help to many other mothers out there.  

I like to sleep on my side since young, it had not been a problem so far and in fact it was the most comfortable sleep position during pregnancy.  Well, it's not when you are breastfeeding and carrying "gallons' of breast milk in your boobs.  

My baby is now 8 months old and still nursing.  Throughout the last 8 months, I had plugged ducts for at least 4 times.  The first two times, I suffered the most with high fever and worse-than-labour-pain, the struggle was real. 

The third time around, it was even worse at the beginning, as my baby had nursing strike and she won't nurse!  I tried to use warm and cold pack massage method to soften the breast and pump out the milk.  It did help a little but my boob was still as hard as rock.  My both hands were tired as I didn't have a hands-free pumping kit to help me keep holding the breast pump and continue pumping.  In midst of frustration, I saw my Haakaa silicone breast milk collector.  Hey, this Haakaa dude had good suction feature to self-support itself on my boob.  

Idea came into my mind that maybe I could fill the suction cup with a bit of warm water, the vapour may help to soften my breast.  I then further thought of Epsom salt which as we all know, provides Magnesium.  It promotes stress reduction, and reduces pain and swelling.  It also helps with recovery!  

So these were what I did.  I first filled my Haakaa with warm water (just enough so that you are still able to attach it and your nipple is able to submerge in the water) and a tablespoon of Epsom salt, and attach it to the affected breast.  It didn't clear the clog on the first time, but I did feel better.  So I continued for a few more times throughout the day.  Voila, I felt my rock boob was slowly softened and the clog was finally cleared!  

If you suffer for plugged and clogged ducts, do give this a try.  Epsom salt is available in most organic stores.  I bought mine from BMS organics.  

Happy breastfeeding mommies!  


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